February 9, 2023


What’s an ebook?

If you’re visiting this site then you probably already know what an ebook is. But just for the 5 people who don’t, it’s a book in online form. Basically an ebook is a PDF file that contains information presented in a book type format.

What is the main attraction with ebooks?

An e-book is helpful because you can download it instantly. You don’t have to wait days or even weeks for your ebook to arrive in the mail. Your ebook will show up in your email inbox mere minutes after ordering.

How can ebooks help you solve your problems?

Sometimes we just need to work on our own problems in silence but we don’t know where to start. Maybe it’s been difficult trying to get advice from family and friends. Maybe we don’t have the funds to hire an expert such as a coach or mentor. Maybe we just don’t have the time for slow learning.

An ebook can help you speed along the learning curve a little bit faster. They typically don’t cost that much money. You can also find ebooks that cover embarrassing topics that you don’t want people to know you’re reading about under the cover of night. Example, maybe you’re plagued with an embarrassing skin condition. This could be humiliating for you. A covert ebook download can help you solve your problem with none the wiser.

Or maybe your relationship is facing a rough patch. You don’t want anyone catching you going around with psychology books bearing incriminating titles. Your ebook that you order can be top secret and you never even have to print it out or show anyone what you’ve been filling your head with.

If you’re here reading because you want to know how people who order ebooks think so you can sell them some, great news. Now you know!

If you’re really in a hurry to learn something new or to solve a problem, you can do some googling, find an ebook that contains the information you’re interested in learning, and download the file immediately.

Once your payment goes through you’ll get an email indicating that your order for the ebook has processed. Open the email and the download link to your ebook will be in there. Save the file to your desktop.

If you prefer to read with paper pages in hand rather than on a screen then an ebook is easy enough to print out yourself.

How easy is it to sell an ebook?

Anyone who has romanced the idea of selling a book in print but doesn’t know where to begin can write an ebook and sell it on the web. It’s a great first step if you dream of becoming an author.

But then those two are not exclusive to each other. You don’t have to ever publish an actual book in print. But you can sell thousands of ebooks that you write yourself, if that’s what you enjoy and if you have enough knowledge on a particular topic or on a few different topics.

What platform can you use to sell an ebook?

As mentioned earlier, when you sell an ebook you want to set it up so that payment goes through automatically. Your customers receive an email after their payment processes. The email will direct them to a link. Where does that link come from? It has to come from a specific website that is meant to facilitate digital product downloads.

Some basic websites that make it easy to sell ebooks and are not too expensive to do so are the following.

Gum road

Some email newsletter companies have started to offer people the option to sell digital downloads. Aweber is one of them. MailChimp may be another but I’m not entirely certain.

You can also sell Kindle eBooks on Amazon.com. that’s a whole another topic for a whole another day though.

Can you sell ebooks manually out of your own email inbox?

Well you could, but it’s definitely much more convenient to pay a low price each month to have a service automate your ebook and other digital product sales.

That way you won’t have to babysit your orders. Your customers won’t feel the frustration of having to wait. If you make them wait too long they might decide that they don’t want to order the ebook after all and then you could be looking at a refund for a product that you never even had the joy of selling.

What’s the best way to market an ebook?

By far the most effective way to market an ebook that sells year after year is to create an entire niche website based around a very targeted topic, or a targeted problem that someone is trying to solve.

Your main approach is to set up a website with static pages including about, articles, sign up, contact, and testimonials if applicable.

Next sign up with an email software company such as a Weber so you can begin collecting email addresses.

Why do this? Building your list is extremely important especially if you end up with a willing audience who might be interested in future ebooks that you release.

Very few people will arrive at your website and be ready to open their wallet and purchase that ebook. But they might feel like your articles that you shared on your blog help to answer some of their questions. So if they’re in a hurry cruising by your website and they want to hear from you again, then they will sign up.

The next time you publish an article, you can email it to them along with everyone else on your list and maybe that person will be a little bit more warmed up this time. Now might just be the right time for them to purchase an ebook.

But if not this time, maybe next time. The key is to continue making contact so that the person who regards you as an expert will continue to remember your name and eventually make that purchase of your ebook… or other digital products that you sell.

Okay since we’re on that topic. What other digital products can you sell?

You can offer ebooks, journals, trackers, planners, calendars, workbooks, client templates and other fun things. There’s no limit to the types of downloadable products you can offer your customers.

Can you put an article from your blog into your ebook and still sell it?

You can do anything you want as long as you’re transparent with your audience. If you’re publishing articles in your blog and you want to also sell the articles to make a little profit, put those articles in an ebook.

Just make sure that when people go from reading the article to exploring whether they want to buy the ebook, you let them know that they will be purchasing their own ready to go copy of everything you published on your website.

Lots of people will go for this. They don’t mind parting with 12 bucks or 30 bucks or $7 or however much you decide to charge for your ebook. They just want the information and they want to be able to read it on their own time.

Why do people buy ebooks? Don’t they know they can just surf the web for what they need to know?

It can take hours and days… heck even weeks, months maybe even years, to learn something via online research. People typically search for information while on the move, going from one activity to the next.

Maybe someone decides to look something up while sitting in their car waiting in line for coffee. Maybe another time the same person wants to read some more about the same topic but this time they’re drowsy in their bed. So they fall asleep and they never really get that answer.

That’s why when they come across an ebook it’s fairly obvious to them that they can have all the information at once and then they can download it and read it at their leisure. They’ll know exactly where the ebook is: on the hard drive of their computer. Or on a printed hard copy if they want to print it out.

Why are you here on this website, again?

Well, that’s a good question. Hopefully it’s either because you want to buy or sell ebooks. You can do that here. You can do one the other or both things. You can find ebook to learn from and then you can turn around and sell it. Our ebooks are special. I offer the private label rights for you to make them into your own products that you resell. Pretty cool right?

If you want to know more, do like I said and sign up for my list!